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The gluegun requires a Node 7.6.0 environment which provides async and await support natively.

You can safely check these requirements by using the sniff module.

const { ok } = require('gluegun/sniff')

if (ok) {
// we are clear for lift-off

The ok property will be true if everything is good to go.

sniff also has a few more properties you can use for better errors.

okbooltrue if everything is good to go
isNewEnoughbooltrue if we have Node.js >= 7.6.0
hasAsyncAwaitbooltrue if we have --harmony enabled
nodeVersionstringthe node version such as '7.6.0'
nodeMinimumstringthe node minimum that sniff is looking for

These two properties will both be set to true if we're running in Node 7.6.0.