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Ignite - the battle-tested React Native boilerplate

With over seven years of active development, Ignite is the most popular React Native app starter boilerplate for both Expo and bare React Native.

This is the React Native stack that the Infinite Red team uses on a day-to-day basis to build client apps. Developers who use Ignite report that it saves them two to four weeks of time on average off the beginning and improves their confidence over the lifetime of the entire project.

Getting Started

If you just want to kick off a new project, you can do that with the Ignite CLI:

npx ignite-cli@latest new pizza-app


  • Node.js LTS release or greater
  • Recommended: recent versions of Xcode and Android Studio
  • Recommended: Yarn or Bun package manager
  • Recommended: macOS (for iOS development)

Intro to Ignite

If you're new to Ignite, check out these resources:



Ignite was born in early 2016 when two teams at Infinite Red were building new React Native apps for clients. As we built the projects, we noticed we were running into similar problems on each app -- what navigation library should we use? What about folder structure? How could we make sure our stack aligns across many future projects?

We built Ignite as a CLI and boilerplate project based on our learnings, and have continuously improved it over the past seven years. Along the way, we've built up an amazing community of developers who use Ignite to build their apps, share techniques, and contribute back to the project.

The guiding philosophy behind Ignite is that nothing makes it into the stack unless it's been proven on projects that Infinite Red has built. This means it evolves a bit slower than other boilerplates, but unlike others, it's based on real-world experience and not the latest new thing. But we also are continuously developing and pushing the stack forward, so it never stagnates.

With Ignite, you get proven patterns, best practices, and a robust, seasoned community. Don't go alone!