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Ignite CLI

Ignite comes with a dynamic CLI that does more than just get you started with developing a new react-native mobile application! Check out the command list below for additional documentation on each.



  • npx ignite-cli cache
  • Alias: npx ignite-cli c

The new command has a useCache flag that allows you to cache your dependencies to speed up future uses of new. By default, this flag is false. This command is provided to allow for interacting with the dependency cache file folder.


  • npx ignite-cli cache help outputs help command to describe cache subcommands
  • npx ignite-cli cache path outputs the path of the cache folder on your system
  • npx ignite-cli cache clear deletes the cache folder on your system


  • path displays the path to the dependency cache
  • clear clears the dependency cache


  • npx ignite-cli doctor

Checks your development environment for dependencies and provides version information. This is especially helpful when reporting issues you're experiencing with Ignite. Below is a sample output:

platform darwin
arch arm64
cpu 10 cores Apple M1 Pro
directory ExpoPlist /Users/irignite/code/ExpoPlist

JavaScript (and globally-installed packages)
node 16.14.2 /Users/irignite/.nvm/versions/node/v16.14.2/bin/node
npm 8.5.0 /Users/irignite/.nvm/versions/node/v16.14.2/bin/npm
corepack 0.10.0
eas-cli 2.5.1
expo-cli 6.0.6
gatsby-cli 4.21.0
ignite-cli 8.3.0
npm 8.5.0
vercel 28.4.12
yarn 1.22.19
yarn 1.22.19 /Users/irignite/.nvm/versions/node/v16.14.2/bin/yarn
create-expo-app 1.1.2
pnpm - not installed
expo 46.0.16 managed

ignite-cli 8.3.0 /Users/irignite/.nvm/versions/node/v16.14.2/bin/ignite
ignite src src /Users/irignite/code/ignite/src

java /Users/irignite/.asdf/shims/java
android home - /Users/irignite/Library/Android/sdk

xcode 14.0.1
cocoapods 1.11.3 /opt/homebrew/bin/pod

git git version 2.37.0 (Apple Git-136) /usr/bin/git


  • npx ignite-cli generate
  • Alias: npx ignite-cli g

Provides generators to keep your code consistent while saving you time to scaffold new models, components and screens in an automated fashion.

For full documentation on this, head on over to the Generators documentation.


  • npx ignite-cli help
  • Alias: npx ignite-cli h

Provides this list of commands and a small description of each command in your terminal.


  • npx ignite-cli new PizzaApp

Starts the interactive prompt for generating a new Ignite project. Any options not provided at the time of command execution will be asked. You can accept all the defaults to the options passing in --yes and just get to coding!


  • --bundle string, provide a custom bundle identifier
  • --debug verbose logging throughout the project setup
  • --git create a new repository with an initial commit
  • --installDeps run the packager install script after project creation
  • --overwrite overwrite the target directory if it exists
  • --targetPath string, specify a target directory where the project should be created
  • --removeDemo will remove the boilerplate demo code after project creation
  • --useCache flag specifying to use dependency cache for quicker installs
  • --no-timeout flag to disable the timeout protection (useful for slow internet connections)
  • --yes accept all prompt defaults
  • --workflow string, one of expo, cng or manual for project initialization
  • --experimental comma separated string, indicates experimental features (which may or may not be stable) to turn on during installation. A CNG workflow is require for these flags --workflow=cng
    • new-arch enables The New Architecture
    • expo-canary uses Expo's highly experimental canary release instead of the la test stable SDK
    • expo-beta uses Expo's latest beta SDK available instead of the latest stable SDK
    • Examples: --experimental=new-arch or --experimental=new-arch,expo-beta


  • npx ignite-cli issue "Mac M1 install trouble"
  • Alias: npx ignite-cli i

Fires up a new issue for Ignite on GitHub prefilled with collected doctor information. Simply describe your steps to help reproduce the issue (and provide any relevant code snippets or repository) and press submit!

Remove Demo Markup

  • npx ignite-cli remove-demo-markup
  • Alias: npx ignite-cli rdm

Removes all demo markup (comments only) from the generated boilerplate


  • --dry-run displays markup which would be removed without doing so

Remove Demo

  • npx ignite-cli remove-demo
  • Alias: npx ignite-cli rd, npx ignite-cli remove-demos

Removes all demo code (files, marked code blocks and lines) from the generated boilerplate


  • --dry-run displays files that would be modified without doing so


  • npx ignite-cli rename
  • Alias: npx ignite-cli rn

Renames your current project to the desired new name. It'll also help switch the bundle identifier.


  • npx ignite-cli snackify
  • Alias: npx ignite-cli s

Turns an Ignite app into a project compatible with uploading directly to Expo's Snack platform. This will create a separate branch to do so without worrying about modifying your current project structure.


  • npx ignite-cli update

Updates the generator templates that currently exist in the project. This can be used to grab the latest versions of the templates should the project have been ignited with a previous version.