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React Native MMKV

The reactotron-react-native-mmkv plugin allows you to track MMKV updates.


npm i --save-dev reactotron-react-native-mmkv
yarn add -D reactotron-react-native-mmkv


Import your MMKV storage instance:

import { MMKV } from "react-native-mmkv"
export const storage = new MMKV()

To use the mmkvPlugin, add the additional plugin on the import line.

import Reactotron from "reactotron-react-native"
import type { ReactotronReactNative } from "reactotron-react-native"
import mmkvPlugin from "reactotron-react-native-mmkv"
import { storage } from "./mmkv/storage/instance/location" // <--- update this to your mmkv instance.
.use(mmkvPlugin<ReactotronReactNative>({ storage }))

And you're done! Now you can see your MMKV in Reactotron.

Advanced Usage

mmkvPlugin() accepts an object with an ignore key. The value is an array of strings you would like to prevent sending to Reactotron.

ignore: ["secret"],