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Quick Start for React Native


Let’s download the desktop app to start. You can download for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Unzip & run.

Installing The App

Configure Reactotron with your project

Step 1 - Add Reactotron as DEV dependency

Add Reactotron on your React Native project as a dev dependency.

npm i --save-dev reactotron-react-native
yarn add reactotron-react-native -D

Step 2 - Initialization

Create a file in your root folder ReactotronConfig.js and paste this:

import Reactotron from "reactotron-react-native";

Reactotron.configure() // controls connection & communication settings
.useReactNative() // add all built-in react native plugins
.connect(); // let's connect!

Or using a more advanced way to customize which plugins to include:

import Reactotron from "reactotron-react-native";
import AsyncStorage from "@react-native-async-storage/async-storage";

name: "React Native Demo",
asyncStorage: false, // there are more options to the async storage.
networking: {
// optionally, you can turn it off with false.
ignoreUrls: /symbolicate/,
editor: false, // there are more options to editor
errors: { veto: (stackFrame) => false }, // or turn it off with false
overlay: false, // just turning off overlay

Alternatively, you can create your own plugin and provide it via:

import Reactotron from "reactotron-react-native";

const middleware = (tron) => {
/* plugin definition */

name: "React Native Demo",
.useReactNative() // add all built-in react native plugins
.use(middleware) // plus some custom made plugin.

Step 3 - Add Reactotron to your app

Finally, we import this on in one of:

  • App.js (Create React Native App / Expo) or
  • index.js

on line 1:

if (__DEV__) {

At this point, Reactotron is hooked up. HOUSTON, WE HAVE A CONNECTION!

Refresh your app (or start it up react-native start) and have a look at Reactotron now. Do you see the CONNECTION line? Click that to expand.

We Have Contact

Go back to your app and refresh it 5 or 6 times. Now look.



Android: If you are using an Android device or an emulator run the following command to make sure it can connect to Reactotron:

adb reverse tcp:9090 tcp:9090