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Document Scanner

Getting Started

This is an expo module that lets you use the MLKit Document Scanner library in your Expo app.


Install like any other npm package:

yarn add @infinitered/react-native-mlkit-document-scanner

npm install @infinitered/react-native-mlkit-document-scanner

Basic Usage

1. Launch the document scanner from a button press

Use the launchDocumentScannerAsync method to initiate the document scanner modal.

// App.tsx
import { View, Button } from "react-native";
import { launchDocumentScannerAsync } from "@infinitered/react-native-mlkit-document-scanner";

function App() {
return (
onPress={async () => {
// result will contain an object with the result information
const result = await launchDocumentScannerAsync({
pageLimit: 1,
galleryImportAllowed: false,
resultFormats: ResultFormatOptions.ALL,
title="Scan Document"