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Styling Ignite apps

Ignite's approach to styling individual components is, like many other things in Ignite, straightforward and direct.

If you're looking to set app-wide styles such as fonts/typography or colors, check out the Theming documentation.

We don't use StyleSheet.create() as a general rule, as it doesn't provide any real benefits over bare objects.

We instead use a strategy of bare JS objects, colocated with our components (usually below the component in the file), prefixed with $, and typed with TypeScript:

import type { View, ViewStyle } from "react-native"
import { colors } from "../theme"

const MyComponent = () => {
return <View style={$container}>...</View>

const $container: ViewStyle = {
flex: 1,
backgroundColor: colors.background,

We use components with presets to share styles across our whole app.

With this strategy, you can tell if a variable is a style when it has the $ prefix. You can also spread in other styles to compose styles:

const $bold: TextStyle = {
fontWeight: "bold",
const $larger: TextStyle = {
fontSize: 22,
const $title: TextStyle = {

Sharing Styles via Presets

Most of the components we include with Ignite include a preset property:

<View preset="heading" text="My Header" />

Presets are defined in the component file itself, usually something like this:

const $presets = {
default: $baseStyle,

bold: [$baseStyle, $fontWeightStyles.bold] as StyleProp<TextStyle>,

heading: [$baseStyle, $sizeStyles.xxl, $fontWeightStyles.bold] as StyleProp<TextStyle>,

subheading: [$baseStyle, $sizeStyles.lg, $fontWeightStyles.medium] as StyleProp<TextStyle>,

These presets are usually composed of other styles, using arrays (which React Native will properly merge).

So, let's say we want a button that is a destructive action. We might add a "destructive" preset to the Button component.

The preset might look like this:

const $warning = { backgroundColor: "red", color: "white" }

const $viewPresets = {
destructive: [$baseViewStyle, $warning],

You can then use it with your Button like this:

// set the preset here
onPress={() => thisItem.destroy()}