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Ignite comes with Reactotron support for debugging your app. By default, Reactotron is configured to work with web and mobile apps and is configured with a few plugins and commands we think are useful.


The reactotron-mst plugin is included for MobX-State-Tree support.

import { mst } from "reactotron-mst"
const reactotron = Reactotron.configure({
/** ignore some chatty `mobx-state-tree` actions */
filter: (event) => /postProcessSnapshot|@APPLY_SNAPSHOT/.test( === false,

There are also a few custom commands included. You can use reactotron.onCustomCommand to add your own own custom debugging tools to Reactotron. Here is an example:

title: "Reset Navigation State",
description: "Resets the navigation state",
command: "resetNavigation",
handler: () => {
Reactotron.log("resetting navigation state")
resetRoot({ index: 0, routes: [] })

For more info check out the Reactotron Documentation