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Internationalization in Ignite Apps

Ignite currently set up to have Internationalization setup in English, Arabic, and Korean! This is detected on app load and will set your app to that language.

Right to Left languages (RTL)

Since Ignite already comes with an RTL language, Arabic, adding any new ones would work by default.

Removing RTL Support

To remove RTL support, follow the following steps:

  1. /app/i18n/i18n.ts
  • remove your RTL .json file from the i18n.translations object
  • remove lines 19-21 where we allow and force RTL on the native layer
  1. remove all other associated logic that uses the exported isRTL variable
  2. remove any tx="some.i18n.key" from your components and use text="Some Text" instead (e.g. <Text text="Some Text" />

Adding more languages

  1. add your language .json file to app/i18n/, e.g. app/i18n/fr.json
  2. update app/i18n/i18n.ts i18n.translations object to include the newly imported language, e.g. i18n.translations = { en, "en-US": en, ja, fr }