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app/plugins Directory in Ignite Apps

The app/plugins directory is a dedicated space within the Ignite boilerplate for managing Expo Config Plugins. These plugins are used to customize the native configuration of your app without altering the native code directly.

Adding Custom Plugins

To add a custom plugin:

  1. Create a Plugin: In app/plugins, define your plugin in a TypeScript file, exporting a function that modifies the ExpoConfig.
  2. Integrate the Plugin: In app.config.ts, import your plugin and add it to the plugins array.


// In app.config.ts
plugins: [...existingPlugins, require("./plugins/yourCustomPlugin").yourCustomPlugin]

Key Points

  • Config plugins extend app configuration, automating native module integration.
  • Create plugins in app/plugins and add them to app.config.ts.
  • For complex setups, refer to mods but use them with caution.

For detailed information on creating and using config plugins, refer to Expo's Config Plugins documentation.