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Adding a new module

To add a new module to the monorepo, there are a couple of things you need to do. This guide will walk you through the process.

1. Create a new module

Either copy and paste an existing module and rename it, or create a module by running npx create-expo-module module-name --local in the modules directory, and add the files required. See the Expo Modules API documentation for more information.

2. Add the module to the example app

Add your module as a dependency to the example app in apps/InfinteRedAI, run yarn install in the example app, and then run yarn prebuild to generate the native code.

3. Add the module to the documentation

Create a new folder in /docs/ with the unique part of the name of your module. For example, if your module is called react-native-mlkit-barcode-scanner, create a new folder called barcode-scanner in the /docs/ directory.

Add a category.json file to the new folder with the following content:

"label": "Barcode Scanner",
"position": 100

Use the position property to order of the module alphabeticallu in the sidebar. Use the number equidistant from the one before and after, so there will be space for more modules to be added.

Add a file to the new folder with the following content:

sidebar_position: 1

# Barcode Scanner

<<Content goes here>>