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The useHeader() hook that can be used to easily set the Header of a react-navigation screen from within the screen's component.

function AccountScreen() {
rightTx: "common.logOut",
onRightPress: logout,

return <Screen />


headerProps: HeaderProps

The first parameter is an object representing the props that will be passed directly to the Header component.

rightTx: "common.logOut",
leftTx: "common.back",
onRightPress: logout,
onLeftPress: goBack,

deps: any[]

The second parameter is a list of dependencies passed to the useLayoutEffect that will cause the Header to be updated. Use this to control a dynamic header.

const [count, setCount] = useState(1)

useEffect(() => {
setTimeout(() => setCount(count + 1), 1000)
}, [count])

title: `Count: ${count}`,