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Colors & Palettes

In app/theme/colors.ts, we define a palette of colors and the semantic names to be used in the app. The palette is meant to be a simple list of colors, and the semantic names are meant to be used throughout the app. This matches how designers often think of colors & palettes, and lets us match designs which define these easily.

The palette color names are meant to be semantically neutral names matching the color. For example, neutral100 defines a neutral color, but has no specific semantic meaning for its use. If you find yourself using a color in multiple places for the same purpose (e.g. background, border, text), define a semantic color and replace the palette color usage with the semantic one. For example, if you are styling all your text field components with a border of colors.accent100, define a semantic color such as textFieldBorder that is set to accent100. You would then use colors.textFieldBorder in your components in place of the colors.accent100 color.

<TextField style={{ borderColor: colors.border }} />