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Spacing refers to the whitespace in between the elements in your app.

Spacing should be consistent and thought of as a first class technique right alongside colors and typography.

Anytime you add margins, or padding, they should come from this spacing scale, with relatively few exceptions.

Spacings are defined in app/theme/spacing.ts. The scale we use in Ignite is:

export const spacing = {
micro: 2,
tiny: 4,
extraSmall: 8,
small: 12,
medium: 16,
large: 24,
extraLarge: 32,
huge: 48,
massive: 64,


import { spacing } from "../theme"

$containerStyle = {
margin: spacing.small,

Which type of scale you use is based on the design.

If you've got simpler app, you may only need 6 items. Or maybe you need lots of items.

Whatever you choose, try to stick with your scale and not use custom values if possible, as consistent spacing will give your app a very polished look and feel.